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Is this site a scam?

No, our service supports a legitimate way of earning quick & free R$!

Why do I have to do surveys?

In order to keep our service up & running, surveys are our only way of payment.

Does my Roblox account have a risk of getting suspended and or terminated?

No, your Roblox account is completely safe from any & every transaction.

Why did I not get paid back after completing a survey?

If this occurs, please wait up to 24 hours, depending on which provider you use / what survey you complete, if the payment does not get sent within' 24 hours, please contact an Administrator to get it resolved.

I withdrew my R$ but didn't get it, what do I do?

If the website says you have withdrew R$ & your balance goes down, but you don't receive it on Roblox, this could be an error in our back-end, if this occurs please contact an Administrator to get it resolved.

How do I know my account won't get hacked?

We don't require you to enter a password to link your account, the process requires just your username.

How can I get into contact with you?

To be able to contact us, you can join our discord server to talk with us personally or feel free to email us at [email protected]

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